Welcome to NCR

Welcome to Northampton Community Rowing. We're happy that you are considering joining us on the water.

One of the many wonderful things about this sport is that it will meet you where you are. Everyone, from those who've never picked up an oar to those that are accomplished and fierce competitors have a place at NCR and in the rowing community.

If you've never considered rowing before then try one of our learn to row days to see if it's something you want to learn more about. We have programs for everyone from beginners ("novices") to advanced and competitive rowers. We also have programs for youth as young as 14 (considered "junior" rowers) and adults up to you name it (considered "masters" rowers). One of the wonderful things about this sport is that you can start it at any point in your life. Everyone rowing at NCR started out at some point as a novice rower and you could be next!

There's racing if you want to do that or there's just rowing to see the sunrise or the sunset. There's rowing with one oar (sweep rowing), or there's rowing with two oars (sculling).

Our coaches are some of the best in the valley and we pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible to our members and making sure that you are a success at whatever level you're rowing at.

Check out our programs. Come to a learn to row if you're wanting to try something new. Or join us on one of our more experienced levels if you have rowed in the past and want to come back to it.