Gloria DiFulvio, President

Gloria DiFulvio, President

  Dorrie Brooks, Past President

Dorrie Brooks, Past President

  Wendy Mardas, Vice President

Wendy Mardas, Vice President


Gloria lives in Hadley, and works at UMass Amherst by day. She has been on the Board since 2013, and rowed on the Masters team since 2012. As past Treasurer, at-large member and now as President she is committed to seeing NCR thrive in the Pioneer Valley. 






An architect from Florence, MA, Dorrie joined the Board in 2012.  She was inspired to help NCR make the move from the Oxbow to the current site where she helped to develop the new facilities. As past president, she remains focused on program expansion, coaching development and outreach efforts.  A member of the adult competitive team since 2010, Dorrie is fascinated by the zen aspects of rowing and is still working hard at learning how not to work so hard, in rowing and in life.



Wendy Wendy lives in Hatfield, where she works as a researcher and writer. She has been on the Board since 2016, and she has also been involved with NCR for several years as the parent of a youth rower. As vice president and chair of the parent committee, she is especially interested in reaching out to parents and motivating them to become active participants in our growing Hamp Crew community.


Wendy is a graduate of University of Vermont & Medical College of Virginia is a Registered Dietitian. After being Intrigued by watching her daughter row for Hamp Crew, Wendy joined NCR and is enthusiastically part of the Masters competitive team and the NCR Board.






At-Large Board Directors

Benjamin Albro-Fischer

Linda Hannum

JoAnne Konieczny

Anna Liakas

Sally Linowski

Nancy Mack

Peggy O'Neill

Ellen Putnam

Amy Rhodes

Rebecca Washut