learn to row

JUNE 25- JUNE 30

JULY 9 - JULY 14

JULY 16- JULY 21


Each Youth Learn to Row session at Northampton Community Rowing runs for 6 days, Monday thru Saturday from 9am-12pm. They are intensive youth rowing classes that teach young athletes in grades 7 and above the basics of the sport. Participants will learn rowing terminology, boat handling, how to work as a team and of course, how to row!  The sessions culminate on Saturday with a fun race for all participants and a parent question and answer session. Each session is a separate program. Participants are welcome to attend more than one session if desired. Parents are asked to attend the Saturday practice at the end of the session. Rowers will be participating in a tiny race to show off their newly acquired rowing skills and current NCR parents will be on site to answer any questions you might have about our youth program. And...there will be food! Looking forward to meeting you.



advanced learn to row

JULY 23 - JULY 28


Advanced Learn to Row is open to participants who have completed a learn to row session either at NCR or another club/program, and are interested in continuing with the sport. This program runs for 6 days, Monday thru Saturday from 9am-12pm. The focus of this program is on improving technique and working to improve technical proficiency and fitness.

FEE: $250


learn to scull

JULY 9 – JULY 14



Advanced Learn to Scull

JULY 16 - JULY 21


These classes will teach the basics of sculling. This is when the rower has two oars that they are using to move the boat as opposed to one. There are two sessions that occur back to back. The first is a learn to scull program. No pre-requisites are required for this session. You do not have to know how to row and you do not need to have taken any of our other summer rowing programs.

FEE: $250



This program is for anyone who completed the learn to scull class listed above or for returning current NCR youth rowers who sculled during the Spring or Fall seasons.

Fee $250