Northampton Community Rowing offers financial assistance for registration fees to families who qualify. 

For Youth who qualify for free or reduced lunch at their school, NCR offers 100% or 75% discounts on registration fees for the Spring and Fall racing seasons, and winter training. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you simply need to inform the Executive Board at . You may be required to provide proof of eligibility (which can be obtained from your school.)

Individuals (Adults and Youth) who do not qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch can request a hardship aid package.  These are reviewed by Northampton Community Rowing's Executive Board and all aid is at their discretion and depends on available funds. Hardship packages are usually between 25% and 50% of the fees.  To be considered for this, you will need to write a letter explaining your interest in our programs and the reason(s) for needing aid, and send it to the executive board at