captain's corner

Captain's Corner: April 24

by Sally Linowski and Athena Stylos
We are: Sally and Athena, co-captains of the masters rowers

We hope to use this space to keep us all informed, solicit opinions, share celebrations and hilarity, if any.

We hope to foster a rowing-family bond between the youth and the masters, between novices and experienced, between rowers and coxswains and captains and coaches and to find the best way to live up to our motto: pull hard, row fast, have fun.

We want to hear any of your ideas and excitement, and yes your complaints, too. We have a lot to celebrate this year, with our amazing new coach team, the years of hard work of our board, and the second year in our new home!

See you at the boat house, or on the water!

- Athena (also speaking for Sally!)