April Facilities Update

We were all excited to see the city's contractor on site the last week of March working on the new gangway and dock installation. The 70-foot aluminum ramp was manufactured and shipped from Florida, along with a floating dock section.  The design will allow us to launch our boats parallel to the river current. Once the new configuration is in place, we will be able to launch up to three 8s at a time—with room to spare!  Unfortunately, a design specification was misinterpreted and the dock was initially too high in the water.  New flotation was was shipped, but delayed the process somewhat. Last week, after the contractor finished adjusting the docks to a level which could accommodate the team's unnamed (2)needs, the river dropped significantly and stranded our existing docks on land.  We were able to continue to utilize the docks as we had previously, but we could not maneuver them to their new position.  With the rain late last week, we are hoping to have water levels to allow us to get them adjusted by the end of the month.  We have also arranged to hire some machinery to assist us if the river levels are still not adequate for us to move the docks manually.

We look forward to using our new ramp and testing the new configuration of the docks!