Youth Results

Captain's Log Riverdate: 5/8/2016


By Youth Captains: Maggie White, Christopher West, Matthew Jordan, Sofia Triana

The midweek pizza party to celebrate a very successful month of fundraising helped keep team spirit high through the dreary and cold weather we had for most of the week. Rowers ate pizza and conversed with their fellow teammates. Squads are getting even more practice time now as a result of increased efficiency using the new dock. On the water though, bad weather took a toll on us all. However, bad weather is often good weather for rowers, as practicing in bad conditions can be quite valuable. This proved true when we got to Providence where rowers raced, quite successfully, in both rainy and windy weather.

This past weekend our team competed at the Mayor’s Cup Regatta in Providence, Rhode Island. Despite windy and cold conditions the team enjoyed a very successful day of racing.

Our two novice boys 8+s competed in the same event, earning third and sixth place. Our first novice girls’ 8+  finished in first place in their event by open water, and our second novice girls 8+ finished in second place in their race. For all of our novices, the regatta was a great learning experience and further practice for the bigger regattas in the coming weeks.

The varsity girls had a successful day of racing. The first varsity 8+ finished in third place in their event and the second 8+ finished in second place in their event. The varsity girls raced in three additional events, placing third in the first varsity 4+, fifth in the second 4+, and second in the third 4+ races.

The varsity boys had a hugely successful day of racing, winning both the 8+ and 4+ events. Overall, the team enjoyed a really great day of racing and hopes to build on this success in the coming weeks.

Photo: Stephen Bowman

Captain's Log, Riverdate: 4/24/2016

by the youth captains: Maggie White, Christopher West, Matthew Jordan, and Sofia Triana  This week we had our most productive week of practice yet, as rowers and coaches fell into the swing of things. Bringing down oars, setting up launches, and getting onto the water all ran smoothly, allowing squads to get in a full practice every day. Most squads had the opportunity to work with a couple coaches throughout the week, which created an opportunity to focus on something different each day. The weather was beautiful for the earlier part of the week; although it poured for much of Friday’s practice. Rowers and coaches look forward to the next couple weeks of practice, where boat line-ups will become more stable and technique will be refined in preparation for our bigger regattas.

On Saturday, April 23, our team participated in our first regatta of the spring season in Holyoke, MA. The conditions on the Connecticut River featured a strong current and gusts of wind, but it was sunny and warm. Our team was one of six crews present. We raced against Holyoke, Pioneer, Suffield, Lenox, and MacDuffie. For many of our novice boys, this was their first race. Our novice boys 8+ finished in third place in their race, and the novice boys 4+ came in second place. Our novice girls 8+ passed a boat to win their race. For all of our novices, this regatta was a great learning experience and a solid way to start off the season.

Our varsity squads both enjoyed successful days of racing, with the varsity boys 4+ taking first place in their race, and the three varsity girls 4+ sweeping the top three finishes in their race.

This small regatta is a perfect way to start off our season, and all of our boats are hoping to build on the success of this weekend for the next regattas.