Masters Program

Captain's Corner: May 5

By Masters' Captains Athena Sylos and Sally Linowski

It’s starting to get beautiful on the water in the morning and we are all getting great upper body workouts as we learn our new docks Thank You Todd! We have had three-boat or even four-boat flotillas out, and it feels like we are growing into our new space and our amazing coach and big strong team and our director, SuperTodd and all the bounty he brings! Feels like a year for Hamp Crew to be successful on all fronts!

Inspired by the youth, I am working on ways to incorporate stretches into our daily practices, especially after being on the water, to prevent injury and ensure future boat speed. I’ll be the one on the yoga matts trying to get you to join me.  We have had some good connection with the youth team, and the masters “competitive” and “intermediate” rowers get a little chance to mingle.  On Friday, the Smalladge had the pleasure of being coxed by Sharon, she might be new and sound very polite but she kicked our butts! I’ve been out with the intermediate group most Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can tell you that they are fun, they are determined, they are organized, and they are starting to row by all eights! Anyone from the Monday / Wednesday group is welcome to come join us — remember when you were learning how things seemed to come together so much faster with experienced rowers in the boat? And really, these women are fun!

Intermediate rowers: we appreciate you filling in our boats on Friday and being such a energetic addition to our club. You are most welcome to attend any and all regattas, and be as big a part of the team as you like. Meet the kids and the parents and people from all over the diaspora of this lifelong sport, it’s a blast!

Speaking of which, we hear there were rough seas and brave hearts in providence this weekend, way to start our season, racers!  Congratulations on races well rowed!

Three Masters boats competed in the Mayor's Cup. Masters Women's 4+s featured Jamie Caron, Dorrie Brooks, Danica Perry and Cheryl Cardinal coxed by Matt in the Brenda, taking third place overall.

Three seconds behind to place fourth was Linda Hannum, Sally Linowski, Sarah Crosby and Glo DiFulivo coxed by Theo. That boat, the Tsunami, came from five boat lengths behind after getting stopped at the start by another boat clipping their bow.

The Masters’ 8+—comprised of Jamie Caron, Sally Linowski, Dorrie Brooks, Jennifer Walters, Danica Perry, Micki Sanderson, Wendy Bernstein and Analee Wulfkee and coxed by Cheryl Cardinal—had a wild ride. Rowing through a launch wake for the entire race, topped off by a rollover wake by a rogue fishing boat, the rowers kept it long and strong till the bitter end. Not a win, but a great row in adverse conditions.

Spring Registrations Exceed Expectations

This spring we had 65 youth rowers register for the spring racing season—thanks to our new Director of Program's zealous outreach effort! The varsity and novice youth rowers began their season by organizing and rigging boats (as dock construction wrapped up).  With experienced varsity squads and many fall novices returning, Hamp Crew is likely to be competitive in many categories.  Our regatta season starts on April 24 in Holyoke, with races on five consecutive weekends. The regatta season culminates in the USRowing Northeast Youth Rowing Championships on May 21. Read a message about the strong start to the season by the youth captains. 

Spring Adult Rowing

The adult masters rowers program was also off to a good start, with 28 competitive advanced rowers and 12 intermediate rowers. The masters have begun their six-month training plan which will take them through Master's Nationals in August.  This year's National Regatta is being held in Worcester—and many friends and family intend to take advantage of the in-state location to see some great master's level racing come August.

Read a welcome by the master's captains.

Evening Rowing Beginning Soon!

In addition to our Morning Master's classes, we will be offering evening classes Learn to Row classes starting in early May.  If you can't fit this class into your schedule, don't worry—we have plenty of programming options available throughout the summer.  For a full schedule, visit the Adult Summer Rowing page on our website.

Evening Learn-to-Row

May 2-May 235:30-7:30pm

Evening Intermediate Rowing

May 23-July 9, 5:30-7:30pm

Captain's Corner: April 24

by Sally Linowski and Athena Stylos
We are: Sally and Athena, co-captains of the masters rowers

We hope to use this space to keep us all informed, solicit opinions, share celebrations and hilarity, if any.

We hope to foster a rowing-family bond between the youth and the masters, between novices and experienced, between rowers and coxswains and captains and coaches and to find the best way to live up to our motto: pull hard, row fast, have fun.

We want to hear any of your ideas and excitement, and yes your complaints, too. We have a lot to celebrate this year, with our amazing new coach team, the years of hard work of our board, and the second year in our new home!

See you at the boat house, or on the water!

- Athena (also speaking for Sally!)