Winners of the Gift-A-Day Calendar Raffle: Click here for a list of winners (updated daily)

Thank you to all who sold the calendars and donated prizes! (it's not too late, if you still have some to return please do!). Thank you also to Paradise Copies for printing the calendars!

We will keep a running list of winners here. Winners will be contacted via email first. If we cannot read handwriting, we will contact the player who sold the ticket.

Nov. 1: $50 Gift Card to Salon Herdis, Amy Metzger
Nov. 2: $25 Gift Card to Murdoff Jewelers, Cathy Chmura
Nov. 3: Men's Puma Jacket, Dick Shave
Nov. 4: 1 Individual Feldenkrais Session ($80 value), Ian St. Hilaire
Nov. 5: Local Foods Gift Basket, Taryn Paige
Nov. 6: Two-pose professional headshot/portrait session, Linda Castronovo
Nov. 7: Youth Learn-to-Row Session, Zoe Johnson
Nov. 8: $40 Gift Card to Paradise Copies, Maura Shea Roberts
Nov. 9: 1 Hour Yoga Consultation with Linda Castronovo, The Yount Family
Nov. 10: Gift Card from the Holly Shed ($25 value), Jen Zera
Nov. 11: $25 Gift Card from the Platform, Northampton, Lillian Albro
Veteran's Day Bonus! $20 Gift Card from Mosaic, Northampton, Peggy and Mike Flannelly
Nov. 12: $25 Gift Card to Mom's House, Amherst, Sharon Deal
Nov. 13: Adult Learn-to-Row, Northampton Community Rowing, Lauren Solzak
Nov. 14: 1-hour Dance lesson by Emily Foxtrot, Paul Carvalho
Nov. 15: $30 Gift card to the Smith Art Museum, Laura Ramos
Nov. 16: $40 Gift card to Paradise Copies, Erica Scharr
Nov. 17: $40 Gift card to A2Z Science, Dave Waldman
Nov. 18: $25 Gift card to State Street Fruit Market, Joan Simmonds
Nov. 19: $50 Gift card to Salon Herdis, Michelle Borawski
Bonus Round: $20 Gift Card to Mosaic, Cynthia Consentino
Nov. 20: 3 Feldenkrais Classes, Jennifer Adamites
Nov. 21: Joie Gift bag, Kris Elinivesky
Nov. 22: $25 Gift Card to Whole Foods, Stacey Wenczel
Nov. 23: $40 Gift Card to Esselon, Kristi Nelson
Nov. 24: $25 Gift Card to Mom's House, Sid Simon
Nov. 25: $30 Gift Card to Northampton, Wendy Bernstein
Nov. 26: Rowing Photo package: Elaine Fronhofer
Nov. 27: Gift Card from the Holly Shed ($25 value), Jessica Grant
Nov. 28: $30 Gift Card to Mi Tierra, Iveta Dervay
Nov. 29: 1-hour Massage by Athena Stylos, Jen Adams
Nov. 30: $25 Gift card to Tandem Bagel, Doug Winsor