CAP'n's reCAP of Paper City Regatta


By captains Chris, Kate, Grace, and Dylan September 26

All squads had five great days of rowing this week with mostly sunny skies and little wind. The novices continued vigorously on their rowing as they prepared for their first regatta next Sunday, and the varsity rowers worked on determining lineups and continued polishing their technique as they prepared for their first regatta last Saturday in Holyoke.

The Paper City Regatta was a huge success for the team. Varsity refreshed themselves on the head racing season as they took on the 4k course, and the novices who stopped by got a sense for how a regatta works. Shallow waters took a toll on a few of our boats, but all boats were still able to finish the race.

All are excited to get started again on Monday and prepare for the Head of the Riverfront next Sunday.