Meet Our Seniors…

2018senior_Adrienne Albro-Fisher.jpg

Adrienne Albro-Fisher

2018senior_Ethan Grant.jpg

Ethan Grant

Rowing has definitely improved my life. For one thing it gets me in really good shape; I was never really that athletic up until I joined the team, and being healthy feels better than being unhealthy. It's also introduced me to some really great people, some of whom still row on this team, but many of whom have graduated and are rowing in college.
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2018senior_Gus Lelievre.jpg

Gus LeLievre

2018senior_Renee Lussier.jpg

Renee Lussier

I have been rowing for 4 years. I found out about rowing from my 8th grade class field trip to Northampton High School. I've made so many new friends from joining rowing. Rowing has made me feel stronger than ever.

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2018senior_Izzy McClements.jpg

Izzy McClements

I started rowing with Hamp Crew four years ago because I wanted to try out a new sport in high school, and my two best friends wanted to do it. I knew nothing about rowing. After freshman year, both of my friends left the team but I was hooked. Now I can’t imagine my life without it.
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2018senior_Jordan Perry-Greene.jpg

Jordy Perry-Greene

2018senior_Maggie Thibault.jpg

Maggie Thibault

I have been rowing for one year. I wanted to change it up from swimming. Rowing has been a great opportunity for me to learn something new and exciting. I am looking to row in college