Meet Our Seniors…

2018senior_Adrienne Albro-Fisher.jpg

Adrienne Albro-Fisher

2018senior_Ethan Grant.jpg

Ethan Grant

2018senior_Gus Lelievre.jpg

Gus LeLievre

2018senior_Renee Lussier.jpg

Renee Lussier

2018senior_Izzy McClements.jpg

Izzy McClements

I started rowing with Hamp Crew four years ago because I wanted to try out a new sport in high school, and my two best friends wanted to do it. I knew nothing about rowing. After freshman year, both of my friends left the team but I was hooked. Now I can’t imagine my life without it.
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2018senior_Jordan Perry-Greene.jpg

Jordy Perry-Greene

2018senior_Maggie Thibault.jpg

Maggie Thibault