Adult Rowing

At Northampton Community Rowing we are committed to bringing the sport of rowing to everyone who wants to learn, train and compete. Regardless of age, ability or experience you will find a program suited to your interest at NCR.  Whether you have rowing experience or have always wanted to learn to row, Northampton Community Rowing has a program for you!

So where do you start? With one of our Learn to Row days of course. We have 3 Learn to Row days this spring and summer. They are opportunities for anyone to come out to the boathouse, get a tour, learn some rowing specific vocabulary, see a rowing shell up close, be taught the basics of the rowing stroke, and then put an oar in your hand and try some strokes on the water. If you like it you can sign up for one of our adult learn to row sessions. 

Women's and Men's Programs: How it works
Programs for Learn to Row sessions and Novice sessions are not divided by gender. At this level men and women and those who choose not to identify, all row together. Our Club Program and Competitive programs are coed, but depending on the number of rowers there can be boats comprised of all men or all women.

Our 2019 On Water Programs are Underway!

We are currently offering these programs:


Adult Club Program - this mixed level program will work on technique while getting in a good workout. This program meets, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 5:45-7:30pm

  • Session 1 Dates: Tuesday, April 23 through Friday, June 7.

  • Session 2 Dates: Tuesday, June 11 through Friday, July 26.

  • Session 3 Dates: Tuesday, July 30 through Friday, September 13.

  • Session 4 Dates: Tuesday, September 17 through Tuesday, November 5.


Adult Novice Program - This program is meant for people who have recently learned how to row. THis program meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 5:50-7:30am

Session 1 Dates: Monday, April 22 through Friday, June 7

Adult Club Program - this mixed level program will work on technique while getting in a good workout. This program meets, Monday, Wednessday and Friday mornings from 5:30-7:30am

Session 1 Dates: Monday, April 22 through Friday, May 17

As we develop our staff we will add other programs and new dates for the morning Adult Club Program.

Scroll down to read more about our program levels.


adult novice rowing

coed Program

adult novice rowing

The novice rowing program is for rowers who have completed the 5 week learn to row session and now want to continue their journey to becoming an experienced rower.  Individuals will generally tend to stay at this level for a minimum of 6-9 months. The focus during that time is on technical proficiency and increasing levels of fitness on the water. You can choose to compete or not compete at this level. Progression to the Intermediate level of rowing is achieved in consultation with the novice and intermediate coaching staff. Novices who race are considered novices for a two year period by USRowing. This is not a NCR designation and does not preclude the novice rower from progressing to the intermediate level with less than two years of rowing experience.  (Classes may be cancelled if under enrolled) 

adult club rowing

Morning and Evening slots are available for all sessions


Adult competitive Rowing

morning Sessions only - coed

Adult club rowing

Club rowers continue the progression of becoming more proficient in the rowing stroke, learning more about working as a team, expanding their experience in smaller boats including sculling, and experience racing.

Guidelines for readiness to progress to this level include a minimum of one year of rowing experience with NCR or another club, and or one year of racing experience. This program is for rowers moving up from the novice level, experienced rowers from another club, or those returning to rowing after a hiatus who wish to refresh their technical rowing skills and/or fitness level. Emphasis will be on improving rowing technique, developing fitness, and acquiring confident skills. Participants are expected to attend scheduled practices a minimum of two days per week. A trial period and acceptance by the coach is required. (Classes may be cancelled if under enrolled).

Adult Competitive Rowing

Competitive rowers compete in regattas. Rowers who identify themselves as a competitive rower must meet the following requirements for participation at this level:

  • A minimum of two years rowing experience through NCR or another club, and/or three years of racing.

  • Competitive rowers are expected to compete in both Fall and Spring/Summer regattas.

  • Technical ability, fitness level, and mental readiness to race must be high.

  • Rowers must demonstrate a commitment to racing. Sign ups for racing are to be honored by the rower unless extenuating circumstances present themselves before the race. If a rower does not honor their commitment to that request to race the may be suspended from racing in any future regattas.

  • A positive competitive attitude and flexibility in terms of boatings, coxing, and land work is expected from all competitive rowers.

  • The coach’s selections for racing will be based on technique, strength, fitness, erg tests, competitive commitment and a cooperative team spirit.

  • Ergometer tests, additional workouts, and land training, are required. Competitive rowers are expected to attend scheduled practices a minimum of two days per week.


Banner photo by Linda Hannum. Gallery photos by Linda Hannum and Sarah Crosby