Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a rowing shell, hold an oar in your hand, and move a boat through the water? This is not a row boat. This is not a kayak. This is completely different. The wonderful thing about learning to row is that you can start from where ever you are. There are no prerequisites, no age limit, no restrictions. Anyone can experience the beauty of rowing at any point in their lives.  

We have learn to row programs for adults and youth through out the Summer and into the Fall. The best place to start for adults is with one of our learn to row days. These are free opportunities to get an oar into your hand and learn more about the sport before deciding to sign up for our 5 week Learn To Row adult program.

For youth the best place to start is with one of our Learn To Row summer programs. If you missed those then your next opportunity is in the early Fall when we begin our youth rowing programs with area middle and high schools.

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