Izzy McClements

I started rowing with Hamp Crew because I wanted to try out a new sport in high school, and my two best friends wanted to do it. I knew nothing about rowing. After freshman year, both of my friends left the team but I was hooked. Now I can’t imagine my life without it.

2018senior_Izzy McClements.jpg

Rowing has taught me how to truly be a part of a team. I don’t think there is any other sport where people are as dependent on their team members as rowing. Each seat in a boat is important, and a boat can’t row with a member missing. Through rowing I have learned that some of the best experiences aren’t always comfortable. We learn to make the most out of bad weather, choppy water, and long days. I have met so many people that I never would have known without rowing. I am so grateful to have made such incredible friends through the team.

Over the last four years I have learned that the best way to destress is to exercise outdoors, and I will definitely continue to do that. I will keep using the organizational skills and perseverance that I have learned from rowing. And I may even continue to row in college!

To me, rowing feels like a release. After a really hard day it feels great to leave it all out on the water. I just focus on each stroke, and by the end of practice I have forgotten what was making me so stressed.