Northampton Community Rowing is a community-based, volunteer-driven organization providing rowing programs out of the Connecticut River Greenway Riverfront Park in Northampton, Massachusetts.  Northampton Community Rowing is dedicated to enhancing the sport of rowing for youth and adults throughout the Pioneer Valley by creating an environment that inspires teamwork, sportsmanship, athleticism and camaraderie through competitive and recreational opportunities.


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  • develop sportsmanship, fitness, rowing skills, teamwork, friendship, cooperation and enjoyment for young people and adults through safe and challenging rowing activities
  • enable and promote athletic and personal achievement for adult and youth rowers as team members and individuals
  • develop the leadership skills of young people and adults, and the organizational capacity to endure and thrive
  • promote stewardship of the Connecticut River as a recreational and environmental resource
  • encourage the development of facilities, river access, and programs that benefit community rowing activities



Northampton Community Rowing began as Northampton Youth & Community Rowing in 1997 when a small group of parents set out to create rowing opportunities for their high school aged children in the Pioneer Valley. In 2001 the Pioneer Valley Womens Rowing program joined the ranks and served as the seed for the adult rowing program.  The organization quickly grew into a vibrant program serving both youth and adult rowersOriginally located on the property of the Oxbow Marina south of Northampton, 

In 2013 the Northampton Community Rowing began to work with the City of Northampton to develop a site on Damon Road in the north part of the city. In 2015 Northampton Community Rowing relocated from its original location on the property of the Oxbow Marina south of Northampton to the newly formed Connecticut River Greenway Park.  The new 11 acre site on the west shore of the Connecticut River includes a public landing for human powered craft, in a harbor dug in the 19th century to connect the river to a canal that once ran to downtown Northampton.  In June of 2015 construction of a 3600 sf boat storage building was completed on the new site.  NCR is working with support from a State of Massachusetts PARC Grant, the Northampton Community Preservation Commission, Northampton Parks and Rec, and other community partners to provide a wide range of programming for human powered watercraft from this new location.




Northampton Community Rowing operates out of the new Connecticut River Greenway Riverfront Park created and managed through a partnership between Northampton Comunity Rowing and the City of Northampton department of Parks and Recreation.  

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In 2015 NCR installed a 4000 square foot structure to house their fleet of racing shells and other equipment.

100+ feet of docks

Northampton Community Rowing's launch site consists of over 100 feet of low profile docks, as well as a universally accessible walkway from the boathouse to the water's edge.


Indoor Winter Training space

Northampton Community Rowing has acquired temporary indoor space over the winter, providing programming and training between November and April.