Wendy Mardas, Clerk

Wendy M.jpg

Wendy lives in Hatfield, where she works as a researcher and writer. She has been on the Board since 2016, and she has also been involved with NCR for several years as the parent of a youth rower. As vice president and chair of the parent committee, she is especially interested in reaching out to parents and motivating them to become active participants in our growing Hamp Crew community.

Howard Moore, Masters Coach


Howard was a founding member of the University of Kansas Crew, and for a few years after graduation coached the KU novice lightweight men. After a one-year internship at Brown, Howard coached varsity women at Purdue, novice men at Wesleyan, varsity women at Virginia, and varsity men at UMass. Howard spent his summers during those years coaching Adult and Youth programs at the Narragansett Boat Club. For the past couple of decades, Howard has been a lawyer working in the Juvenile Court, but has been in touch with rowing through his wife, Stephanie Moore, who was Northampton’s first youth coach and is the leader of HolyokeRows.