Upcoming Regattas

This Weekend, the Hadley Chase will be held on Saturday October 13th. This is a Masters only event and the coach will provide more information to rowers.

On Sunday October 14th, the youth and Masters will head up to the NH Champs Regatta. Find more information about the regatta here: https://amoskeagrowing.org/parking-1/ There is a bus for this event leaving in the morning from the Boathouse (more specific information on time of departure will be provided by Coach Beth.


Coach Beth will be sending out the lineups with more information for each individual rower, but here is the list of NCR registered events and times of the events as of today (October 9th). Always note event times are subject to change.

10:10AM . Men’s Jr 4+ (Bow #102)

10:28 AM . Women’s Jr. 4+ A flight (Bow #131)

10:42 AM Jr. Novice 8+ . (Bow #146)

11:38 AM Women’s Masters 4+ (Bow #214)

11:44 AM Women’s Junior 4+ B, C, D, Flights (Bow 228)

12:37 PM . Women’s Jr. 2x (Bow #301)

1:02 PM Women’s Masters 8+ (Bow # 315)

1:37 PM . Women’s Junior Quad (Bow #354)

1:39 PM Men’s Open 4+ (Bow # 357)

Saturday Oct. 21st, a Masters Women’s 8+ will be rowing the Head of the Charles in the Senior Masters women category.

Final Youth and Masters Regatta will be Head of the Fish
Masters race on Saturday Oct. 27th and the youth races are on Sunday Oct. 28th. More information is forthcoming for this regatta. There will also be a bus for this regatta.