Ergs and Rowers and Ergathon, Oh MY!


Saturday, April 21 from 8:30am-4pm
Corner of Main and Pleasant St, Northampton.
On the front lawn of the old courthouse.

Yes sirree! It's that magic time of year again where NCR rowers, both youth and masters get themselves out in front of the public and demonstrate what an erg does to rowers and what the rowers do to the ergs.

This year is our 20th anniversary year of getting people on the water. For that reason this ergathon is special and significant. Our tag line this year is $20 for 20. We are asking folks to sponsor our rowers and to contribute to the long term health and wellness of Northampton Community Rowing. All donations will go to supporting our programming, equipment and outreach efforts as we continue to bring the best rowing opportunities to the region.

For all of the rowers participating in this year's ergathon we ask that you sign up for a slot on the sign up genius.

NCR rowers, board members and staff will be on site to answer any questions passersby might have. We have many programs available this summer for youth and adults so please come on down, say hi, and see what we're all about.


The Docks are Built!

The Docks are Built...

Thanks to all who donated through the GoFundMe page we were able to gather $2800 to rebuild the docks and create a new system for launching at our site. Many people made incredibly generous contributions and we truly appreciate your kindness.

Also, thanks to a heroic team of people (Coach Beth, Bullet, Morgan Marlow, Wendy Bernstein, Sally Linowski, Linda Hannum, Coach Rob, and Chris M.) the new docks are built and ALMOST ready to go. We are still in need of flotation for the docks. We also need someone with a fork lift to help us get the old docks off of the lawn and onto the asphalt so they can be carried by the crane into the water.  But we are VERY hopeful that we can get the docks in place by Wed. April 11. 

If you have any leads on a company willing to donate or provide fork lift services cheaply, please email: ASAP.

We are all ready to be on the water!